Team Building

Camp Fire offers Team Building activities. Contact Beth Bower, Executive Director for details on the team building program.

“An Unforgettable Experience” By Catherine Hofacker

On October 26, eighth graders from Sacred Heart, St. Joseph’s, and St. Ann’s Elementary met at Misty Meadows for a day of team-building.  The students were divided into teams, each one led by a teacher or staff member from one of the three schools or SJCC.  The teams spent the morning getting to know each other by participating in a series of challenges. Things were a little awkward at first, but everyone was soon having fun playing net volleyball, reversing order while standing on a board, or hopping around inside hula hoops.  The teams were truly united, until lunchtime.  Then all unity dissolved, as students went back to their friends.

After lunch the teams reformed, falling back into themselves as if they’d never been seperated.  Finally, their team spirit was put to the test in the tug-of-war tournament.  After everyone had shouted themselves horse, and several people were nursing their rope-burnt palms, Mrs. Gutschalk’s team was declared victorious.  The students were then dismissed.

 That day was both a beginning and an ending.  It was the first annual eighth grade retreat, declared a huge success.  It will be the last year students from three schools come together.  Next year’s eighth graders will be the first class of the newly consolicated schools. They will be more united, any awkwardness dismissed.  This year’s eighth graders achieved that though, proving that no matter where we come from, we can always come together.  The eighth grade class of 2010 will forever be a symbol of what was, and what will be.