Self – Reliance Courses

Self-confidence and responsibility is what Camp Fire’s Self-reliance courses are all about. Exciting programs teach young people how to:

  • handle threats to their safety and security
  • take care of themselves in different situations
  • provide service to their communities 

All Self-reliance courses are led by trained instructors using national curricula. These courses are among the fastest growing Camp Fire programs nationwide and include:

I’m Safe and Sure Kindergarten and first grade – Teaches self-help skills, home and personal safety and family responsibility.

Count on Me Kids Kindergarten through second grade – Teaches alcohol and drug prevention.

I Can Do It! Second and third grade – Teaches how to eat and select nutritious food, handle unsafe situations away from home and fire, bicycle and weather safety.

I’m Peer-Proof Fourth through sixth grade – Teaches how to resist negative peer pressure and maintain positive friendships.

I’m Taking Care   5th grade and older  – For youth being first left home alone and/or babysitting – Teaches skills such as:  basic care, safety measures, safe play with children and job ethics.