Before & After School

Camp Fire Sandusky County currently provides before- and after- school programming for Fremont City School students in K-5 elementary schools. The Before- School program is a Job and Family Service Licensed program operated out of the main lodge at 2100 Baker Rd. Fremont, OH, with busing to the elementary schools by Fremont City School busses. After- School programming is provided at both Lutz and Croghan Elementary Schools with the option to bus from all other Fremont City Elementary school buildings to either Lutz or Croghan locations. These programs operate on school-days from 7:00am- 8:30am and 3:30pm- 6:00pm.

Our After School programs incorporate Camp Fire’s Thrive principles into our daily curriculum. Each day of the week has a theme for programming: Mondays are “Trail Time,” focusing on the various Camp Fire Trails (see below), Tuesdays emphasize STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), Wednesdays are a seasonal craft, Thursdays are Project Based Learning (PBL) days, and Fridays focus on Outdoor Education.

Our Camp Fire After School programs are structured in collaboration with state curriculum to ensure that Camp Fire programs add additional developmental markers. Youth will be encouraged to spend their time in ways that align with their passions and unique talents, at Camp Fire we call this their Spark. Our staff will gather youth input to tailor curricula to meet the needs and nurture the Sparks of the youth in the program.


Registration: Ready to Sign up?

If you’re ready to get started, you can follow the below online registration form, print and mail in the form, or you can contact us by email,, or phone 419.332.8641 to request hard copies of the registration form.

A $30 annual registration fee is due with your registration from. This fee may be paid through paypal using the donate tab on our website or through check in the mail, or in person at our office.

Parents are responsible to contact the Fremont City School bus garage and arrange for bus transportation to and from Camp Fire to your child’s school.

Camp Fire Sandusky County charges an hourly fee. Students may sign up for a set schedule, or you can register your child and use Camp Fire for drop-in care. You can change your weekly schedule as needed. Please see fee structure below:

Children Attending

Non-Member Hourly Fee

Member Hourly Fee

1 Child

$5.00 per hour

$4.50 per hour

2 Child

$7.50 per hour

$7.00 per hour

3 Child

$2.00 additional an hour per additional child

$2.00 additional an hour per additional child


We use many Camp Fire curricula in our programs, including the following:

Camp Fire Trails

Trail To Knowing Me – Youth participants learn about relationships, improve communication skills, gain self-knowledge, and learn how to stay healthy and safe.

Trail To Family & Community – Youth participants learn about families and communities, how to work as a team, how to become effective leaders, and how to help out in their homes and communities.

Trail To Creativity – This trail stimulates one’s creativity and imagination through activities that involve the visual and performing arts. Our participants will experiment creating art using various media, create music, and participate in the dramatic arts.

Trail To The Environment – In this trail, youth participants will understand and appreciate the natural world by participating in activities focused on nature, environmental awareness, and animals. Participants will explore and take hikes, engage in hands-on learning about earth and life sciences, and gain outdoor skills.

Trail To The Future – Youth participants will develop numerous mental and physical skills needed for their futures. Participants may play sports and games to teach sharing, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Children learn to cook, explore the physical sciences, and learn to stay physically fit.

Wise Kids

Camp Fire’s Wise Kids is a health and wellness curriculum program that is based on the simple theory of “energy in = energy out” to teach children about eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle in a fun interactive way.

Wise Kids Outdoors

Similar to Wise Kids, Wise Kids Outdoors combines the theory of “energy in = energy out” with outdoor education.

Conflict Resolution

Camp Fire’s Conflict Resolution program teaches youth lifelong skills around reducing, avoiding, and communicating in conflict situations. Other focus areas include digital literacy, safety and individual rights.

Building Blocks

Camp Fire’s Building Blocks is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) enrichment program for youth grades K-8. The program uses Samsung tablet technology to explore and create new innovations for a better tomorrow.


Communication with peer groups and adults is crucial to thriving and success for youth and teens today. Camp Fire’s InterACTION focuses on healthy communication and conflict resolution.