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Camp Fire Is the Better Choice for Your Children

Camp Fire has worked tirelessly for the last century to create and deliver programs that help youth thrive.

But what does that mean? It means ensuring a well-trained and caring staff that will teach and mentor your children to avoid risky behaviors, succeed in school, and embrace their unique talents. It means giving youth a voice in what activities they explore and helping them to set goals for themselves. And, it means allowing youth to understand they are part of a community that they can help to change and to prosper.


Camp Fire program employs our framework for thriving, a research-based, measurable approach to youth development. Our approach, created in partnership with the Thrive Foundation for Youth, enables youth to achieve their full potential by:

  • Identifying their sparks.
  • Adopting a growth mindset (the belief that you can learn new skills all the time.)
  • Creating the opportunity to reflect on activities and outcomes.
  • Building goal management skills.

This allows youth to build positive, sustained relationships, and learn life skills that include self-reflection and goal management, while practicing these skills in valued home, school and community activities.



Camp Fire Sandusky County’s youth programs immerse campers in nature to learn, explore, and grow together while developing a lifelong respect for the outdoors. Past participants agree, Camp Fire offers a variety of activities to make our camper’s day camp experience unforgettable!


Camp Fire provides unique, focused programs that encourage personal exploration and empower youth to thrive. Whether it’s Preschool, Council Clubs , Summer Camps, Teen Service and Leadership programming, Team Building or Self-reliance Courses, youth gain the skills necessary to succeed and reach their full potential throughout their lives.


Many Camp Fire parents want to participate in our programs and be part of the Camp Fire experience alongside their children. Remember, Camp Fire is for everyone! Our programs welcome, and encourage, adult volunteers. Please contact us and find out how you can become part of helping youth thrive.

While not everyone can volunteer, many do want to support Camp Fire and the youth we aim to serve. Please help us continue our amazing programs across the country by donating to Camp Fire.

Silly Spring Frisbee Fling

Silly Spring Frisbee Fling

Are you ready for a frisbee golf tournament like no other? Each hole is custom sponsored and designed by a local organization with unique Camp Fire summer camp challenges along the way! Fun for All Ages! 

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