Pandemic Child Care

Camp Fire is a Licensed Pandemic Child Care Location:

We will be implementing the following:

$4.50 an hour per child with additional discounts for multiple children or members.
Open Mon-Friday 6am-6:00pm
We will only accept up to 12 youth to our program- 6 per each group in order to meet the new Government order.

All children will be scanned for temperature prior to entering our program daily. Any child who has a temperature at or over 99 degrees will not be able to access our program.

We will be implementing strict guidelines to ensure children practice social distancing, don’t share items, and limit cross-contamination.

We also want to ensure children have an environment that allows them to Thrive and reduces the stress of this situation to them. We will be engaging in independent outdoor activities that limit contact and ensure youth will continue to learn in a manner that meets our curriculum.

Ohio Temporary Pandemic Child Care License

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, additional changes in policy are being implemented:

Rule 5101:2-12-02.1: “Temporary Pandemic Child Care License” is a new rule which sets for the process and requirements of the temporary pandemic child care license. This temporary licensure will allow approved programs to serve children whose parents are employed providing health, safety and other essential services as defined by the Director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services in consultation with the Director of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency. There is no application fee and these programs will not be required to be rated in Step Up To Quality in order to provide publicly funded child care. Payment for these programs will be determined through an agreement process with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

When approving programs for temporary licensure ODJFS must use discretion regarding the number of licenses approved based on need and pandemic health concerns. As a result ODJFS will evaluate programs based on location, capacity, and the number of children currently being served with parents employed to provide health, safety or other essential services.

JFS 01259 “Pandemic Child Care Center Child Enrollment Addendum” (rev. 3/2020) is a new form to document how the child’s parent meets the requirement of providing health and safety services as defined by the Ohio department of job and family services (ODJFS). (link below)

In addition to our online application, you must also return forms listed below and a Copy of work badge: