Facility Rental:


Entire Complex


Includes: Assembly Hall – seats approx. 200 without a dance floor 175 with a dance floor.

Rental Period : $550.00-8hours of your choice but has to end by 12:00am OR  $650.00-10:00am to 12:00am.

Rm. Size 35 x 117      13; 5’ round tables and 20; 8’x 30’ tables

Kitchen  Meeting Room  Restroom  Parking Lot

Pond – renter must hire a certified lifeguard

Volleyball Courts – renter brings own balls

Softball backstop – renter brings bats & balls

Assembly Hall


You decorate according to your theme/event!

Rental period – $425.00-8 hours of your choice but must end by 12am  OR   $525.00- 10am – 12am

  •          Assembly hall seats approx. 200 people 
             (175 if planning on room for a dance floor)
  •         Includes use of kitchen, add-on room, restrooms, and parking lot

Kitchen – for catered food only
(No on-site cooking, all food must be prepared off the grounds.)

Size 35 x 117      13; 5’ round tables and 20; 8’x 30’ tables    

meeting room

Meeting Room


–     Seats approx. 40 people

–     Includes use of kitchen, restrooms and parking lot.

–     Rental period:  $150.00-8 hours of your choice but has to end by 12am  OR   $200.00 -10am – 12am

The meeting room was damaged due to frozen pipes.  A new ceiling, lights, walls, and carpeting were installed in March 2013

From Memorial day to Labor day Camp Fire rents only the entire complex.  We do not rent the assembly hall or the meeting room separately during those months.  For summer rentals, see “Entire Complex” rental section.

Rental Time:   8 hours of your choice but has to end by 12am   OR   10am to 12am for $650.00

For availability of dates and details, contact the Camp Fire business office at 419-332-8641.

campfire facility
campfire facility
campfire facility
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Silly Spring Frisbee Fling

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