Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world. Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are. In Camp Fire, it begins now. “Light the fire within.”

Board of Directors

President –Helen Tonkin

1st Vice President – Mike Gabel

Jennifer Ollom

Jennifer Keating

Ruth Moreland

2nd Vice President – Sherry Stroup

Secretary –  Elaine Fisher

Heather Hovatter

Clarence “Sonny” Nieset

Meghan Wonderly

Treasurer – Cheryl Cotter

Executive Director – Tory Thompson

Stephen Goodhand

Lindsay Walters

We build more than campfires

Camp Fire leads youth to the path of achievement by helping adults and children become reconnected!  Since 1910, Camp Fire has been offering innovative programming to meet the needs of our nation’s youth. As a nation, not-for-profit organization, Camp Fire teaches children life skills, which will assist them in becoming responsible citizens concerned about and active in their communities. These life learning skills are acquired through various year-round activities that encourage environmental awareness, lasting friendships and fun.

Camp Fire’s vision is to enable youth to awaken their sense of adventure, instill confidence in themselves, and gain compassion for others through programming in the local schools, before- and after-school programs, clubs, and summer camps. We will inspire children to pursue their personal “spark,” reconnect with nature, celebrate their individual strengths, develop their self-worth, and serve others. We want to become the area’s leading youth service organization by 2025, which will be realized when the youth we reach today become tomorrow’s leaders.

At Camp Fire Sandusky County, Striking the Match means engaging in our values to light the fire within, sparking the flames for youth and our community! We believe we provide programming in an environment which lights fires of Creativity, Diversity, Growth, Purpose, Open-mindedness, Achievement, Success, Honesty and Respect.

Striking a Match is a Strategic framework built on 9 Values:


  • We believe youth have the ability to shape the world now.

  • Our team has a personal passion for youth and believes in helping youth find their “Spark.”

  • We respond to community needs with our programs and expertise.

Creativity and Open-mindedness

  • We foster leadership, engaging youth to be service minded and make decisions in a democratic society.

  • We believe in opening the mind to a realm of possibilities.


  • We believe in celebrating individuality where children and adults can be themselves.

  • We believe individual differences brought together, bring power and value to our team and our programs.

Achievement and Success

  • Our caring, highly-trained, and diverse staff provide quality programming which allows youth and adults to find their personal “Spark:” One’s Personal Purpose and Passion in life.

  • We believe in creating programming to engage one’s personal achievements and successes.

Honesty and Respect

  • We believe in a technology-free zone where youth will learn respect and take responsibility for nature.

  • We believe in providing an honest, respectful customer service environment.


  • We believe our safe, nurturing, fun environment provides kids the opportunity to shape the world.

  • We respect the right to fail in order to succeed, allowing all employees and youth we serve to “shift gears” and learn from failures to transform the future.